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Young Adult Fiction

Here readers will find a trove of old-fashioned adventure stories, tales which feature brave teen protagonists at turning points in world history.  These pages are filled with swashbuckling fights, love triangles, treachery, hidden identities, assassins, and deeper themes of global narratives.

Tom Durwood is a college English instructor with an interest in history. He is Editor of the online Journal of Empire Studies.  He has been working on the Navigators stories for two decades.  Three more will appear in 2018-2019.

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“Too many!” cried Tarran, as she let blast the flintlock —

Yes, the obstacles are many, and time is short for the six young members of King James’ Seventh Company. To save Six Companies of scholars, this fellowship of teenagers must cross a most dangerous landscape.

It begins as the simplest of stories: a young book-keeper (Matthias Sykes) is loaned out to one of his firm’s clients. It seems there is some confusion in the client’s ledgers.

Matthias soon finds that the client is the King of England, and there is far more amiss in his kingdom than the ledgers. Dark and deadly forces swirl within Westminster Abbey, where eminent scholars are assembled to produce the world’s greatest book: The King James Bible.

Within these pages, readers will find revenge and heartbreak, anguish and love, secret identities, brave deeds in the face of overwhelming odds — and a new perspective on one of history’s great tales.


“War is not what you think it is,” warned the rifleman …

Especially the war of the American Revolution. Six rich kids, students at an unusual boarding school in the year 1775, admire the American Colonials from afar. They read all the Bostonians’ pamphlets, follow their battles, and collect souvenirs of the American rebellion.

..One by one, each of the students is pulled into the global war for equality and liberty — with unexpected results. Each find that the struggle for human dignity is not quite what they had imagined.

The Colonials is an old-fashioned adventure story complete with swashbuckling fights, treachery, hidden identities and assassins.


“Gong Ji, Mister President!” cried Holcombe — Ulysses S. Grant’s little-heralded trip around the world is the setting for the title story in Tom Durwood’s collection of old-fashioned adventure fiction.

Young protagonists take on all manner of obstacles in a wide range of historical eras. In these pages, you will take part in a violent battle over succession in the Benin kingdoms, meet a young clerk who gets pulled into a murderous plot in 17th century Amsterdam, witness revenge in a cowboy saloon, and much more. Readers of Johnny Tremain and Octavian Nothing will find themselves in familiar territory.

Artist- TeaBerry Creative

Drawings- Jason Juta

Illustrator- Antonina Alexandrova

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